Exorcist Blu-ray Will Be A Halloween Treat

The Exorcist is FINALLY being released on Hi-Def Blu-ray through Warner Bros Home Video just in time for Halloween on October 5th.
According to fansite CaptainHowdy.com, “the two-disc Digibook edition will be packaged with a personal letter written by director William Friedkin inside a 40-page booklet and contain both The Version You’ve Never Seen (2000) and the original 1973 theatrical cut versions of the film. Thankfully, the 1973 theatrical cut has been remastered from the original camera negative.” Earlier in the year, Warner Bros pulled out all remaining copies of The Exorcist on DVD from stores, hoping that it will help boost sales of the Blu-ray edition when it’s released. This certainly does appear to be THE Ultimate Edition of The Exorcist. After the jump, you can check out a picture of the set and read all the specs, including special features and such.
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