The Wolf Opens The Gates Of Heaven

Book One of author C.S. Lakin’s The Gates of Heaven Series will be hitting shelves on August 13th. The novel is entitled The Wolf of Tebron and is being published through Living Ink. This looks to be Lakin’s first venture into the world of fantasy writing. I figured I should include this since it is considered a fantasy novel and has been called “a stirring allegory of God’s love in classic fairy tale tradition.” It seems a bit light to be covered on the same site as movies about demon possession and battling angels, but fair is fair. After the jump, you can check out some more about the book and it’s author.
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Thanks To House Screening Attendees!

Thanks to everyone who came out to the House Screening and Discussion on Saturday night. We had a small crowd, but it was perfect for a nice intimate discussion on the film and other topics that it took us to. Hope to see everyone again in August when I plan on doing another one. I’m thinking The Book of Eli or possibly The Visitation. Any comments on movie choices?

If you’re interested in downloading the official study guide for the movie House, go here.

UPDATED! What Will Your Priest Think About The Last Exorcism?

UPDATED! We just added an excerpt and link to Dread Central’s review of The Last Exorcism toward the bottom of this post.

Both horror websites Bloody Disgusting and Dread Central tracked down director-turned-producer Eli Roth at the world premiere of The Last Exorcism that was hosted by the Los Angeles Film Festival and Screamfest LA. It was held at the Ford Theatre in Hollywood, CA and other members of the movie’s crew besides Roth that were in attendance included director Daniel Stamm, producers Eric Newman and Marc Abraham, composer Nathan (True Blood) Barr and cast-members Patrick Fabian, Ashley Bell, Tony Bentley, Irs Bahr, Louis Herthum and Caleb Landry Jones (pictured above). Roth spoke a bit about the PG-13 rating, how the “religious right” are going to react to the film, and keeping the film from being looked as an Exorcist clone or rip-off. We also posted a bit of Bloody Disgusting’s review of the film for you to peruse. You can read more of the interview and that after the jump.
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Harry Potter Says No To Bilbo

Well, for those Harry Potter haters out there, have no fear. Even if they offered the role to him, it sounds like Daniel Radcliffe has absolutely no interest in taking the role of Bilbo Baggins or even being involved in the big-screen adaptation of The Hobbit. Radcliffe recently told MTV News that as far as he’s concerned, he’s done with movie franchises in general. He point blank said that even if he was offered the role of Bilbo and David Yates was the director he wouldn’t want to be involved with the continuing tales of Middle Earth. He doesn’t think that he would ever even be offered the role because of the ridiculous rivalry between the two franchises which he says has been built up by the media. After the jump, you can read some more of what he said in the interview.

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Peter Jackson WILL Direct The Hobbit!

Tolkien fans are dancing the dance of joy this afternoon for sure. According to Deadline New York, the impossible has indeed occurred. Peter Jackson has decided to direct the two installments of The Hobbit that Guillermo del Toro bailed out on earlier this month. He had also told Sci Fi Wire earlier this month that Jackson had “said his taking over was unlikely due to current commitments. But he did leave open a slim possibility—and we say ‘slim’ because he sounded a bit reluctant.” He also told them “if that’s what I have to do (take over the directing) to protect Warner Brothers’ investment, then obviously that’s one angle which I’ll explore.” Well, it looks like he definitely explored the angle and now “his deal is reportedly being negotiated right NOW with Warner Brothers, New Line and MGM.” After the jump, you can get the rest of the scoop.
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There’s More Dragons In The Valley

Author Donita K. Paul REALLY likes Dragons. She’s written around nine books and all but one have the fire-breathing mammoth winged serpents in them. Her new book, Dragons of the Valley, continues the obsession. It will hit bookshelves for fans to grab up on September 21st through WaterBrook Press. According to the product description for the novel, “in this exciting new book from the author of DragonSpell and DragonFire, your teens will meet Bealomondore and Tipper—and join in their courageous quest to save three valuable statues from the hands of an invading army! Can they escape the clutches of Grawlbeck, a vicious monster hunter, and save their threatened homeland?” After the jump, you can check out a more detailed synopsis of the book, a full picture of the book, and a bio for the author.
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First Teaser Trailer For Jonas

The first teaser trailer for director Adam Rehmeier’s (The Bunny Game) religious thriller Jonas has hit the net. Rehmeier commented on the film that “Jonas is a fictional character study laced with supernatural accents…in contrast to The Bunny Game, Jonas is shockingly square and squeaky-clean, almost old-fashioned…though not a true horror film, audiences can still expect high doses of uncomfortable tension and awkwardness from (actor Gregg) Gilmore’s portrayal of Jonas.” The director also told Bloody Disgusting that “it’s unconventional cinéma vérité approach allowed the two filmmakers to lens a realistic portrait of a man at an emotional turning point in his life. The entire production was strangely effortless, spanning only six weeks from initial concept to full execution.” There’s still no real evidence whether or not this is going to be another “look at what religion does to someone” or “crazy Christian” movie. After the jump, you can check out the teaser trailer by clicking on the image.
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