Harry Potter Says No To Bilbo

Well, for those Harry Potter haters out there, have no fear. Even if they offered the role to him, it sounds like Daniel Radcliffe has absolutely no interest in taking the role of Bilbo Baggins or even being involved in the big-screen adaptation of The Hobbit. Radcliffe recently told MTV News that as far as he’s concerned, he’s done with movie franchises in general. He point blank said that even if he was offered the role of Bilbo and David Yates was the director he wouldn’t want to be involved with the continuing tales of Middle Earth. He doesn’t think that he would ever even be offered the role because of the ridiculous rivalry between the two franchises which he says has been built up by the media. After the jump, you can read some more of what he said in the interview.

Daniel Radcliffe stated to MTV news:

“I wouldn’t like to get involved with another franchise at all, really. I’ve done that, and I know what that’s like, and it’s been a wonderful thing. Going on to any other franchise after Potter might seem a little bit of a letdown…I don’t think I would be asked to play Bilbo. It’s a ridiculous rivalry [Harry Potter vs. Lord of the Rings] completely built up by the media, but I certainly would be wary of getting involved in another magical fantasy franchise.”

For more of the interview with the actor go to MTV News.


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