First Teaser Trailer For Jonas

The first teaser trailer for director Adam Rehmeier’s (The Bunny Game) religious thriller Jonas has hit the net. Rehmeier commented on the film that “Jonas is a fictional character study laced with supernatural accents…in contrast to The Bunny Game, Jonas is shockingly square and squeaky-clean, almost old-fashioned…though not a true horror film, audiences can still expect high doses of uncomfortable tension and awkwardness from (actor Gregg) Gilmore’s portrayal of Jonas.” The director also told Bloody Disgusting that “it’s unconventional cinéma vérité approach allowed the two filmmakers to lens a realistic portrait of a man at an emotional turning point in his life. The entire production was strangely effortless, spanning only six weeks from initial concept to full execution.” There’s still no real evidence whether or not this is going to be another “look at what religion does to someone” or “crazy Christian” movie. After the jump, you can check out the teaser trailer by clicking on the image.

After mysteriously washing up on a desolate stretch of coastline, Jonas Nuckolls sheds his sinful past and is guided to the City of Angels. Intuitively, he knocks on the doors of those in need of a powerful message.


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