Who You Gonna Call? Josh Howard!

Dead@17 creator, artist, and writer Josh Howard has apparently had his hands full as of late. He’s got three major projects coming out. Two of them actually hit bookshelves yesterday. Those would be the last issue in the Dead@17: The Witch Queen series and the Ghostbusters: Con-volution one-shot that he llustrated (pencils and inks only). He also just announced on his website that he is working on a new edition of his book Black Harvest for Image Comics to release in October, stating that he wants ‘definitive editions of all my Dead-related books in the same format and under the same banner, so I will probably be doing this with Lost Books of Eve at some point, too.” He also said that the revised Harvest “will contain some new artwork, some fixes of things that bugged me, and a revised ending” and that the Eve re-release “will be a bit more extensive though because of circumstances that forced me to end the book earlier than I originally wanted.” That’s very exciting. I’m always interested in anything that expands the Dead@17 universe. After the jump, you can check out all three full covers in hi-res and get more info on each title we discussed.

Dead@17: The Witch Queen, Issue 4:
When the dust settles, what will be the fates of Asia, Violet, Joan and Mel? The shocking conclusion sets the stage for the upcoming final chapter of Dead@17!

You can check out a 5-page preview of Issue 4 right here!

Ghostbusters: Con-volution:
What can be more patriotic than spending the Fourth of July at… a comic book convention? That’s Ray’s thinking at least, although his fellow Ghostbusters think they’re in for a boring day of cosplay. But when a dastardly demon with delusions of grandeur unleashes the fireworks, the Ghostbusters must stage a revolution of their own! Written by Keith Dallas (Omega Chase) and Jim Beard (Star Wars), with art by fan-favorite artist, Josh Howard (Dead@17).

You can buy the book here.

Black Harvest:
In the small town of Jericho, Texas, a yearly phenomenon known as the Jericho Lights brings tourists and UFO enthusiasts from miles around. Although the true cause of the mysterious lights remains a mystery, they’ve become a deeply rooted part of Jericho’s history. The return of 19-year-old Zaya Vahn, who mysteriously vanished nearly three years ago, throws the small rural town into chaos when it becomes clear that she is not the girl she once was, with the word “Repent” cryptically etched into her skin. Caught in the middle is internet blogger Daniel Webster, who has traveled to Jericho to uncover the truth about the Lights. But the real story he uncovers is bigger than he ever imagined.

You can buy the book here.


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