Do You Know When We’re Heading Home?

Author John Robinson’s newest fiction book entitled Heading Home will be hitting shelves on August 2nd through Sheaf House. It’s a different twist on the End Times novels that have been becoming increasingly more popular over the years by books like Left Behind and such. The synopsis for the book states that “The Bible makes it clear no one knows the day or the hour of Christ s return. But it doesn t say we won’t know the month. Or the week. When every Christian simultaneously receives a message that Christ will return sometime in the coming week, the world is thrown into stark panic. Two old friends – hardened combat veterans from the closing days of the Vietnam War – set out on a suspenseful quest to redeem that time. What they don’t know is that they and their entire church have been targeted for satanic annihilation.” After the jump, you can read another synopsis of the book and see what some reputable sources have been saying about it.

Nobody knows the day or hour of Christ’s return, but what about the week? When Vietnam vets Nick Castle and C.T. Barnes hear a whisper in their hearts—this week—they race to contact their war buddies to offer them God’s saving power. Will they find them before satanist Sangre drenches their church in blood?

“Wow! Heading Home is that rare novel that grips you from the first scene and keeps you flipping pages to the very end—the stunning, earthshaking end. Forget everything you think you know about apocalyptic thrillers. This one will enthrall you and force you to rethink what it means to be brave, to believe. In Heading Home, John Robinson’s bold storytelling, limitless imagination, and formidable skills as a wordsmith come together to both entertain and enlighten. A fabulous read!” — Robert Liparulo, author of the Dreamhouse Kings Series

“Ever wonder what you’d do if you had a warning of the imminent return of Christ? Author John Robinson unleashes a taut, exciting thriller in his new novel Heading Home. The forces of good and evil clash in one last battle as two retired combat veterans go up against a different kind of enemy—one they can’t see—but who is determined to destroy them and everyone they love. Robinson delivers one of the most powerful ‘end of days’ novels ever written. Highly recommended!” — Nancy Mehl, award winning author of the Ivy Towers Mystery Series

Heading Home is the flip side of Left Behind—on steroids!” — Eric Wiggin, author of Blood Moon Rising

“Robinson delivers a novel that strikes the heart with what true faith is all about. A taste of the past, a mission for the present, and a glimpse of the future will keep the reader in suspense and anticipation.” — DiAnn Mills, author of Sworn to Protect

Heading Home is a tightly woven story with many happy endings. That’s my kind of book! — Hannah Alexander, author of The Hideaway Series

You can buy the book here.



  1. Wow, thanks for the great shout-out, Eric! I appreciiate it!

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