Nuns Without Guns Review

Four sisters of the church battle evils using the skills they acquired in their previous lives. Answering to a mysterious figurehead known only as MOTHER HEN, the four sisters lead a secret existence that finds them battling those evils that threaten the church and innocent souls everywhere. If it wasn’t for them, the world would be a much different place.

Viper Comics out of the Dallas, TX area seems to have a strange fixation on edgy Christian and religion-themed comic book writers and artists. First, they released one of the greatest series that has it’s foot planted firmly in the spiritual ground entitled Dead@17. The series has since moved on to Image Comics, but there’s no denying that Viper had a hand in it’s launch to success. Now, we’ve got Nuns Without Guns out and soon the comic company will be releasing Hell House, which centers on “the first night of a Texas high school’s (highly controversial, religiously themed) Halloween Hell House, a shocking and mysterious event occurs, leaving behind a small number of survivors. This motley crew is forced to battle their way out of the collapsing structure, while fighting against a terrifying and unspeakable force desperate to consume their very souls.” Nuns Without Guns very well could be the next big comic franchise for Viper.

The book centers on four Nuns, who each have special powers and tools that they have been blessed with to battle the evil supernatural forces that come against God and the Catholic Church. For example, one of them has the Staff of Moses that controls water and another has the Staff of Joseph which has powers over nature. Imagine Charlie’s Angels dressed in habits instead of short shorts and halfshirts. Their “Charlie” is a shadowed portrait that calls to them on their blinking rosary crucifixes to meet him in the church’s confessional booth to get their missions. It’s all quite fun and humorous.

Writers Jason M. Burns and Erich Owen have come up with a great story in which the Nuns have to do battle with the Anti-Christ and his hooded minions, who are hiding out at a top Hollwood movie star’s mansion. One of the demon’s has actually possessed the actor, who having been known as a humanitarian, suddenly has become self-absorbed and a recluse. The nuns must battle their way into the actor’s house and then keep the Anti-Christ from bringing Hell down on Earth. There’s a pretty cool fight between the Nuns and a bunch of possessed and mutated sea creatures as well.

Altogether, Nuns Without Guns is a great little graphic novel that is three chapters long and makes for a quick and entertaining read. There’s really no irreverence in the material and I would find it hard to believe anyone would be offended by this. The art looks really good and I would even say it would be safe for younger tween and teen readers as well. It’s good fun with a good message.

You can buy the graphic novel here.


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