UPDATED – Jesus & Abraham Lincoln VS Zombies

UPDATED! One of our readers – Chris Liesch – commented on our Facebook about Jesus Hates Zombies and I thought it would be cool to post what he had to say on the series. Chris stated that he had “read those before. Although the ones I read didn’t have Honest Abe…It doesn’t promote Christianity at all.” When I asked him if he cusses in the books, he answered “Yep. And smokes. Anyone who has a Droid can download it for free on their phone. I think its still free. Either way, it does not edify the Body of Christ (the church).” So hope that helps anyone out there who has been wondering about this comic series.

Wow. I have no idea what to think about this. It’s a little too far over the line for me. A comic book series titled Jesus Hates Zombies where Jesus Christ and Abraham Lincoln team up to fight zombies and werewolves? I was introduced to it through the Christian pop-culture website Hollywood Jesus. It’s written by Stephen Lindsay, drawn by Daniel Thollin, and published through Alterna. The book begins with “Jesus and a time-traveling Abe Lincoln joining forces to save mankind from an apocalyptic zombie uprising, a zombified angel, and a werewolf with a grudge! Accompanied by his ever-faithful zombie sidekick Laz, and his newest companion, King (a male stripper), Jesus must unite any remaining humans in an effort to stop the zombie devastation. But with the world dying around them, will humanity still have faith in the Son of God?”

The only thing even close to a critique that HJ staff writer Jesse Johnson offers about Volume Two of this four volume series is that “comics like this are, by nature, playful (albeit violent and gruesome). They take concepts and cultural icons, then place them in extreme situations. While it’s often comical, it should always be appreciated. For example, the concept of Christ and Lincoln having a friendship in Heaven, prior to Christ’s being sent back to earth, is clever fun to say the least.” Author Lindsay describes his Christ character as a “foul-mouthed, cocky Jesus who’s been sent back to Earth to join an unlikely band of survivors as they combat a zombie plague.” I haven’t heard or seen anything about Jesus using curse words in the books, but until I know for sure more about this book, I’m standing away from where the lightning could strike.

From HollywoodJesus.com:
“Since we last saw Jesus ravaging the undead with his trusty baseball bat, things haven’t changed too much. He’s still slaying zombies, but now he’s got some help, good help. He meets up with a mysterious dark fellow, who’s fairly proficient with sledge hammers, and never shies away from a good splat fest. Together they rescue a small group of what young survivors (who look like extras from the cult classic Warriors), also in the zombie killin’ business.The real milestone of this issue is the appearance of Abraham Lincoln in the present day. So far in the series we’ve been following the former presidents werewolf killing exploits in the past, in his own time. Now, he’s suddenly sent forward in time by dark forces, inadvertently landing him right next to Jesus, far in the future.

It quickly becomes clear that while Jesus has fond memories of the past century or so spent getting all pally-pal in Heaven with the great emancipator, none of that has happened for Lincoln yet. This is all pre-assasination of course, and seems to be on some alternate time line (is there a Lost writer guest starring?). I’ll leave the rest for you to enjoy, but trust me, it’s a bloody good ride as always.

You can check out writer Stephen Lindsay’s blog about the book right here.”


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