Today We’ll Be Reading From The Book Of Zombie

Here’s something I found quite humorous. It’s an indie movie about Mormon zombies on a path of destruction called The Book of Zombie. Get it? Instead of The Book of Mormon? Pretty funny, huh? I love the way people who aren’t educated on different denominations mix any and all religious types and beliefs together or think that we’re all one and the same. Most Protestant denominations consider Mormonism to be a cult, so they don’t even consider it an attack on their beliefs. The film has finally been completed and is making the festival rounds. It premiered at STIFF (Seattle True Independent Film Festival) where it won the audience award. Anyway, you can check out the trailer for the film and a synopsis after the jump. But be warned, the trailer is VERY graphic and gory.
A small, sleepy Utah town gets an undead wake-up call when all of the townspeople of Mormon faith suddenly transform into flesh-eating ghouls!

Now, a group of “non-believers” unaffected by the mysterious epidemic must band together to survive the night and answer the burning question: How do you kill a Mormon zombie?

Production Notes:
The Book of Zombie is an independent film shot on a terrifyingly low budget in the great Northwest. the majority of the production was shot the summer of 2007 in Auburn Washington with select scenes shot in Seattle, and Everett. It was directed by Scott Kragelund, Paul Cranefield, and Erik Van Sant.


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