Are You Listening For A Distant Thunder?

Here’s something I haven’t heard of or seen before. A supernatural thriller with a pro-life theme and the tag line “Things are not always as they seem… especially when entering the halls of a desperate mind in this gripping supernatural thriller.” The short film (35 minutes) I’m talking about is 2004’s A Distant Thunder, which is stated as a “film (which) was produced by professional Hollywood filmmakers for today’s visually-oriented culture. Ann Brown, a successful ‘pro-choice’ prosecutor, is asked to take a complex case involving partial-birth abortion. She reluctantly agrees to take the case, which becomes a life-changing journey for her. This fast-paced, sometimes graphic thriller will especially interest today’s youth.” Apparently, there are some rather graphic images in the original and unedited version of the movie. It also won some different awards like 2006 Crown Award Winners for Best Drama-Gold, Best Screenplay-Gold, & Best Picture-Silver. After the jump, you can check out more info and see what kind of special features there are on the DVD.

Struggling to keep her fragile sanity from unraveling, Prosecutor Ann Brown is offered a murder case that will challenge everything she believes is true. Uncertain at first whether to accept the assignment, a harrowing encounter with Defense Attorney Tom Condan convinces her to meet the challenge. The deeper she investigates, reality and tormenting delusions collide as she encounters an evil force as unnerving as it is foreboding. Terrifying secrets are exposed, and you’ll discover the shocking twist which reveals the chilling and unforeseeable truth.

DVD Special Features:
•Original Version (parental discretion advised for pre-teens)
•Edited Version
•A Conversation with the Experts featurette
•A Conversation with the Filmmakers featurette
•Commentary with Writer/Director Jonathan Flora
•Commentary with cast members Deborah Flora, Peter Renaday and Selah Victor
•Creating The Thunder: The Making of A Distant Thunder featurette

You can buy the movie here.


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