The Rise Of The Beast Brings Hell On Earth

The next chapter in author Kenneth Zeigler’s Tears of Heaven series will be hitting bookshelves through Destiny Image on November 1st. The book is entitled The Rise of the Beast: Hell on Earth and, believe it or not, doesn’t appear tobe just another End Times themed book. For those not familiar with the Tears of Heaven series, it began with the first book, Heaven and Hell: The Journey of Chris and Serena Davis , which tells the story of a man, who “amid the peace of paradise, dreams that his earthly beloved is condemned to Satan’s realm. Some believe that, by God’s mercy, those in heaven possess no knowledge of souls in torment. . . . At least, most don’t. With the help of a famous scientist from the past, Chris Davis attempts to pull off the ultimate prison break.” In the second book, The War in Heaven, “Satan and his minions have declared war upon heaven! But standing in his way are a disorganized host of heavenly beings, a group of determined yet inexperienced saints, and a small band of human and angelic rebels in hell.” After the jump, you can read the synopsis for book 3.

Defeated in the war in Heaven, Satan and his minions flee to Earth. Disguised as a holy man, he intends to establish a world faith where he is worshiped as god. But standing in his path are evangelists Chris and Serena Davis. Will he destroy them so his ambition can become reality?


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