Angel Wars: The Messengers Review

Kira and Eli are the newest members of the Guardian Force, a group of angel warriors sworn to protect the world from the powers of evil. Not yet full Guardians, the young duo still has a lot to learn, but when darkness descends over the city, the time for training is over. Faced with the responsibility of delivering hope to a lost city, they must learn to work together to drive back the soldiers of darkness and grow into the warriors they are destined to become.

I feel like I’ve almost found a kind of lost Christian or religious treasure. It’s something I’ve been searching for long and hard for a long time. Something I thought I might never find or ever see in my lifetime. A Christian created and centered animated feature that can actually be put up against anything on Cartoon Network or otherwise and not look aged or irrelevant. The creators and animators of Angel Wars: The Messengers have achieved what I had almost written off as impossible. This is truly legitimate in almost every single aspect of the existing CGI-animation realm.

The first aspect that I’d like to explore is the look and animation. This really looks good. I would positively compare it to pretty much anything I’ve seen out there, including the Hot Wheels shows, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Bionicles, G.I. Joe, Planet 51, Monster House, Speed Racer: The Next Generation, or any other movies like that. It looks a heckuva lot better than that crappy new Iron Man: Armored Adventures show, I can tell you that for sure. The quality is most definitely in step with what’s going on right now.

Secondly, let’s talk about the storylines. This is made up of four or five different short stories that revolve around the young trainees that are trying to earn their “wings” through different missions that they are assigned by the Arch Angels. The writing is intelligent and actually grabs your attention. Each story has a particular moral tale or theme that it projects, but it does it without feeling like you were just bashed over the head by a big giant leather-bound family Bible.

The third aspect is actually presentation, which entails a few things. Let’s talk about the look of the angels. These aren’t your white-bread King James Version shining bright white-bred angels clothed in white shrouds with flowing blond hair. These are God’s super tough bulked-up and cyber stealth-suited Guardian Force who aren’t going to take any static from demons or the like. They’ve got giant swords, custom-made Chinese throwing blade swords, and neon-lit wings and aren’t afraid to use them. These guys make Angels LOOK cool. The demons are pretty scary and dark enough to be comparable to your typical “new” type villain as well. They have glowing red eyes, dark batlike features, and some even take on the image of slimy digital bugs that leave ooze and go trails everywhere they go. Even the music is right-on. There’s none of that Contemporary Christian Music that seems out of place where there should be a heart-pounding electronic or techno score.

In closing, all I can say is that I am impressed. Not only was I impressed, but my two sons were. And that’s saying a lot. I am extremely critical of anything that is trying to be a Christian “copy” of something that has already been done in the mainstream. What the creators of Angel Wars have done is take something current and make it their own. I look forward to the next chapter.

Special Features:
12 Minute Sneak Peek
Character Profiles and more

You can buy the movie here.


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