Better Get Ready To Pray And Pray And Pray

Cross Shadow Productions put out an interesting Director’s Cut combination of their movies Pray and Pray 2. They’ve combined both movies into one seemless film with extra footage and entitled it Pray 2.5. Very interesting. The films were both made by first time filmmakers Tiaan Kruger and Matt Mitchell. It stars Audrey Battah (Wizard of Oz), Bonnie Johnson (Evan Almighty, The Punisher, Big Fish), Jack Boston, and Chris Houldsworth. They actually look pretty good for indie slasher films. It’s a sort of Christian version of I Know What You Did Last Summer, Halloween, Friday the 13th, and Scream. For those of you who don’t know what the premises behind Pray and Pray 2 are, you can read the movies’ synopsis after the jump and get more info on Pray 2.5.

High School friends Madison & Lacy enjoy an out-of-town Christian rock concert. After some eerie events at their hotel, the friends abandon their night of rest and decide to drive through the night back to their hometown several hours away.

However, someone or something follows them home! After a seemingly uneventful school day, events unfold that find Madison Preston alone at the Mall later that evening. As the night rolls in, the mall closes, and we find our heroine mysteriously trapped inside. However, she is not alone.
It will take her resolute strength and unflinching faith (and a few shocking “miracles” along the way) for her to escape the night!

Pray 2: The Woods
Still riding high from her #1 Best-selling Book Tour, Laurie Curtis finishes what she thinks is just another Talk Show appearance. As the sun goes down and the shadows deepen, she heads home to enjoy what was supposed to be a quiet, relaxing evening alone…but her night is anything but peaceful!

Meanwhile, across town, a Church Youth Group heads into the woods for it’s annual Fall camping trip…but they are not alone!

He’s back! Exactly one year later, the mysterious masked villain is on the loose and striking fear into the hearts of his targets once again! Will the faith and heroism of the intended victims triumph over evil and darkness?

Pray 2.5 – The Director’s Cut
Pray 2.5 – Director’s Cut offers fans a thrilling, fresh look at the Pray Franchise! For the first time ever, see the Original “Pray” and “Pray 2: The Woods” combined and re-edited into a single, seamless feature with all new Twists & Turns! Plus get an exclusive Sneak Peek of the first minutes of Pray 3! This deluxe edition is packed with all new Bonus Features and Surprises including an all-new Alternate Ending to the original Pray movie, new scenes, new music, and hilarious new Outtakes & Bloopers! And, for the very first time, hear the original Campfire story that started it all as told by the Director himself!

Pray 2.5 also includes:
Behind the Scenes Webisodes
Free Bible Study Movie Discussion Guide
Exclusive TV Interview with Executive Producer & Director, and
A glimpse at the upcoming Cross Shadow movie, PARANORMAL!


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