There Be Spirits Among Us

A fairly new Christian horror / supernatural film has hit DVD through DGW Media Productions and is now available. It’s called Spirits Among Us and looks like it’s trying to capture the feel of the creepy ghost children movies that have been coming out like The Grudge, The Ring, The Unborn, Dark Water, and The Eye. The film was directed by first-timeer Ray Jenkins. It actually doesn’t look any worse than a lot of the low-budget indie horror films that are out there. Some of the acting seems a bit rough, but that’s to be expected when watching these kinds of films. The DVD has Behind the Scenes special features like The Making of Spirits Among Us and Outtakes. You can check out the trailer and a synopsis of the film after the jump.
Our battle is not against flesh and blood.

Mark, Janice and their young daughter Julie have lived in their home about two months. Strange things begin to happen, first just annoying, then they become terrifying. Television sets go on and off by themselves, strange noises in the attic, movement in the shadows, light bulbs bursting, unexplained voices, terrifying dreams, and dolls that seem to have a mind of their own.

Being a self-sufficient independent do-it-yourself kind of man, Mark tries to “fix it” with his own resources. Only after being brought to near death does he realize he needs the power of the Holy Spirit through the authority of Jesus Christ to rid their home of these malevolent spirits.

You can buy the movie here.


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