Dekker And Lee Penning Forbidden

Ted Dekker is very well known to keep up with his fans via Facebook, Twitter, and through his website. He definitely seems excited about his next book, Forbidden, which is a project that he is co-writing with author Tosca Lee (Demon: A Memoir, Havah, and the upcoming Iscariot). He states that the two have finished the first draft of the book and it is scheduled to come out in Fall of 2011. He also added that we should “Look for…a movie to come out of this story” and that “no story of mine is better suited for the big screen than Forbidden.” After the jump, you can read the rest of his post about the book.

“Today Tosca Lee and I finished our first draft of Forbidden, the first book in a trilogy set in a world in which every single soul on earth is dead without knowing it. We had originally thought to call the series the UnDead trilogy but the title evokes too much vampire mythology for our taste. This is not a story about Vampires.

The book comes out in the fall of 2011. Much of the our work has been done on iChat — the snapshot below was taken a while back. Unlike any other co-authored book of mine, our partnership has been a true co-authorship. After plotting a chapter together Tosca takes the first pass at putting it on the page. The scene then comes to me and I rewrite it. The result is a story in which our voices are seamlessly woven together to create a unique offering that is far more Dekker than not.

You’re going to love this story, I promise you that. Look for a mobile game and a movie to come out of this story. The game is locked, the movie is a hope and prayer but no story of mine is better suited for the big screen than Forbidden.

Any accomplished screen play writers out there want to take a shot at adapting this story, give me a shout. Click on the EMAIL Ted button at the top.”

So there you go. Anyone out there with any aspirations to write a movie, hit Ted up.


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