Beware Of The Secret Sorcery

Television and non-fiction writer Shawn Patrick Williams will have his first published work of fiction coming out on July 1st through Destiny Image. It is the first book in a series entitled The Secret Sorcery. The actual title of this volume of the series is The Deception Begins. The book is “an amazing drama between two teens who find themselves caught up in a real life supernatural battle, but it shows real life biblical principles that are put into practice to defeat the forces of darkness at work against them.” Williams also states that he wrote the book “based on my real life experience in night clubs, living on the streets as a drug dealer, my occult involvement, and how God delivered me from them by the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit.”

After the jump, you can read a synopsis of the book and some more info on it and the author.


The ancient prophecies of a global release of secret sorcery have been fulfilled. Crowley’s deceptive efforts to use music as a tool to release a wave of witchcraft over North America have come of age. Paul Heiner is a teen who has fallen under the power of this secret sorcery. After engaging in the rock music party scene, Paul runs away from home to join a band in Los Angeles. Rev. Bill Batesburg uncovers occult Illuminati efforts to carry out Crowley’s plan using front media groups and businesses. Rev. Bill is confronted with a series of demonic battles that drive him to search for answers. As difficult as the search has been, the deception runs much deeper than he anticipated. Each (person? character? each what?) find themselves in life threatening battles with people and principalities they did not intend. Divine providence brings a team together to fight against this unseen satanic army. Their greatest battles are ahead.

Short Author’s Bio:

After being radically saved from 10 years of drug and occult involvement in a bar through a Damascus road experience, Shawn Patrick received a burning commission to evangelize the United States and the world. His style of preaching brings a revival culture to the Body of Christ. He attended Christian Life School of Theology and received his Masters in Psychology from the Institute of Theology and Christian Therapy. Shawn Patrick has spent 10 years working with over 4,000 trouble teens in a clinical setting. He has worked with many teens struggling with the occult, suicide, cutting, gangs, drug addiction and many more issues.

You can check out Shawn’s website right here.


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