Molly Hartley Haunts The U.K. On June 14th

Well, I don’t know what the hold-up was to getting this put out in the U.K. but The Haunting of Molly Hartley is FINALLY hitting DVD on June 14th. I never got a chance to see this film, but it’s been described as a “Carrie for the Gossip Girl generation” and another entry in the “teens-in-satanic-peril” category. It’s another one of those films where the parents sell the poor kid’s soul to the Devil for some reason and now they’re coming to the age where they are to be given up to him. After the jump, you can check out a bit more synopsis for the film and see what kind of special features you can expect on the DVD.

Described as “Carrie for the Gossip Girl generation,” the story unfolds with non-stop suspense, where ominous evil lurks just beneath the lush surfaces of a teenage girl’s private high school world – and it holds the rights to her very soul. Now, on the eve of her 18th birthday, Molly Hartley is about to discover the truth of just who, or rather what, it is she is destined to become.

Molly (Haley Bennett) is a 17-year-old girl who’s physically recovered from a stab wound inflicted by her tormented mother (Marin Hinkle). The psychological scars that remain run deeper than she realizes. To help her start a new life after the trauma, her father (Jake Weber) enrolls her in a new private high school. With her eighteenth birthday fast approaching, Molly is haunted by nightmares of her mother’s attack upon her while dealing with the stress of being the new girl in school.

Molly experiences great difficulty fitting in, battling headaches, nosebleeds, and being haunted by mysterious voices. Symptoms of psychosis that affect her seem to foreshadow an onset of the mental illness that took control of her mother’s life, but of several different explanations for her distress, the most unforeseen and terrifying is revealed as the truth. With her father quick to offer her medication to calm her down, Molly is more concerned with her psychotic mother, who is locked away inside a local mental hospital and haunts the frightened teenager’s every move.


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