Occult Dangers Addressed In New Film The Scarf

There’s a new Christian suspense / thriller coming out on DVD on Tuesday, July 13th called The Scarf. It’s being touted as “A teenage sci-fi thriller for the MTV audience in your home.” Those types of descriptions for Christian films always scare me. The trailer, which you can check out after the jump, looks like the film is definitely indie but well-made. The movie was directed by Kyle Lawrence and written by John Martens. It’s been nominated for the International Christian Film Festival, International Film Festival Ireland, International Film Festival South Africa, and the International Youth Film Festival. You can check out more info on the film after the jump.

When high school girls Daniella and Krista are assigned a school science project on UFOs, their minds are stretched farther than their teacher could have foreseen. With an over-obsessive personality and the desire to gain her father’s attention, Daniella realizes that the only way to get the best grade she can is to actually experience a UFO.

This project soon threatens to tear apart her friendships, her family, and her very own life.

The movie “take(s) a look into the occult, the dangers of it, and how Christians can be protected from it.”

For more about the movie, go to the official website here and the director’s blog here.


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