Want To Buy The Amityville Horror House?

If you’re interested and have $1.5 million dollars at your disposal, then you could be lucky enough to buy the most infamous house in America. The house from The Amityville Horror has gone on the market once again. The house doesn’t look the same on the outside or the inside as you can see from the picture above. Who in the world would want to live in this house? Maybe restore it to the way it used to look and charge people for tours of it or something, but to actually dwell in it? Not me. After the jump, you can see a picture of how it used to look and read a little bit about the history of the house.

According to Dread Central: “That’s right, curiosity seekers! The home that Ronald ‘Butch’ Defeo, Jr. shot and killed his six family members in back in 1974 is now once again on the market. As every horror fan knows, this is also the same home that George and Kathleen Lutz bought and fled from after just a twenty-eight-day stay a couple of years later, thus launching one of the most controversial paranormal based cases ever (Supposedly voices in Defeo’s head had urged him to carry out the killings).

Sure the house looks a lot different now than it did in its heyday and its address has been changed from 112 Ocean Ave to 108 Ocean Ave, but it’s still the real deal!”

There were also reports by demonologists and a priest of demon presences. You can check out more interior and exterior shots of the house the way ut looks today right here.


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