Don’t Go Into The Hell House!

There’s a new graphic novel entitled Hell House coming out soon through Dallas, TX-based Viper Comics. Viper is the company that has released Dead@17 creator / writer / artist Josh Howard’s first few books. They include Dead@17, The Lost Books of Eve, and Sasquatch. This book looks to be a ton of fun. There’s no solid release date for it yet. It’s written by Chad Feehan and Ryan Dixon and the art was done by Tsubasa Yozora. After the jump, you can check out a bigger picture of one of the book covers and a synopsis about it.

“Every Halloween, hundreds of highly controversial, religiously themed “Hell Houses” open their doors across Middle America. During the first night of a Texas high school’s Hell House, a shocking and mysterious event occurs, leaving behind a small number of survivors. This motley crew is forced to battle their way out of the collapsing structure, while fighting against a terrifying and unspeakable force desperate to consume their very souls.”


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  1. This book looks really cool! I just read a blog by one of the author’s who says that one of the big inspirations for the book was the work of George Romero. I guess they went to the same college and know each other a little bit.

    Here’s the link:

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