Watch Out For Nuns Without Guns!

My interest is absolutely piqued about this graphic novel from Viper Comics. Who doesn’t want to read a comic entitled Nuns Without Guns? From the same Dallas, TX based comic publisher that brought you the first few Dead@17 books comes a new group of heroes that battle the forces of darkness. The book is written by Jason M. Burns (Dead@17: Rough Cut, Volume 1, The Expendable Ones) and drawn by Erich Owen (Mail Order Ninja). It’s an 80 page graphic novel that’s getting great reviews from a lot of very respected resources. After the jump, you can check out a synopsis of the book and read some reviews that have been released about it.

“Four sisters of the church battle evils using the skills they acquired in their previous lives. Answering to a mysterious figurehead known only as MOTHER HEN, the four sisters lead a secret existence that finds them battling those evils that threaten the church and innocent souls everywhere. If it wasn’t for them, the world would be a much different place.”

“With superb art and entertaining plot, Nuns Without Guns may well provide Viper Comics with its next franchise.”
– Ray Sidman, Comic Buyers Guide

“These Demon Hunting Brides of Christ can’t be missed”.
– Kiel Cross,

“…a fun read.”
– John Robinson,

“These penguins pack a punch. They’re here to spread the good word and kick butt, and they’re all out of spiritual tracts!”
– Jesse Johnson,


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