See The World Of Archangels In Beautiful Full Color!

When I looked up the publishing date for this series of comics entitled Archangels: The Fall, it said 2005. I don’t know whether this has just been released this year in a Collector’s Edition or what. But it looks cool and I’m a big comic book fan so I thought I’d post about it. I’m always excited when I find a Christian comic book that is of pro quality. This definitely looks like it fits the bill. The description of the book reads that “This three-volume series of Christian comic books tells the dramatic tale of human history, as seen through the eyes of the archangel Prince Michael. Witness the great events of the ages the fall of Lucifer, the Crucifixion of Christ, and the Resurrection of the risen Lord.” On Amazon, it said that the volumes come in a special tin box. Pretty cool stuff. Read on about the author and for an excerpt of an interview with him after the jump. We are talking with Patrick Scott, the mastermind behind Archangels. All right, take us back; it’s the late 1980s, early ‘90s, what’s going on in the comic book field that makes you think that you can do this yourself?

Patrick: Well, Image Comics had emerged in 1992, and became an overnight success. Several key artists from Marvel Comics had left and formed Image, and we realized, as being graphic design students at Sam Houston State University, that we thought we could do this, and so we knuckled down and produced Archangels: The Saga (ATS) #1.

CB: And you originally wrote this as a movie script?

Patrick: Yes, I wrote it as a movie script and then I showed it to John Leger, a friend of mine, over a Christmas break. He liked it so much that he said we should turn this into a comic book. I was like, “A comic book? We don’t know anything about comic books.” And so we incorporated the help of Andy Orjuela, one of our other fellow college design students, who was very gifted in illustration, and we formed Eternal Studios. All three of us went down that road and we did the best we could with the materials and the funding that we had and put out the best quality product that we could. The rest is history.

CB: The Bible, of course, only mentions one Archangel. What prompted you to sort of spread it around and have more that one Archangel?

Patrick: Well, the Bible talks about a myriad number of angels, too many to count. We knew that Lucifer was a very powerful angel from what we understand. I read some of Billy Graham’s book [Angels]. Two of the resources I looked at were talking about the descriptions and the hierarchy of angels in heaven. I really enjoyed them and gleaned a lot of information from those books. We gave the angels personalities and I wrote into the story the angels having human traits and wanting to be human. How easy it would be to take a breath and be gone ninety years. All they know is eternity and they would want to know the finite. As so just like humans – we’re finite, we want to know eternity. And so I switched that around and it worked wonders for character definition and personality, and so the angels can have a conscience. John and I worked very hard to develop that. John Leger was integral in bringing the characters to life. Andy and John developed the costumes and all the layouts – they visualized it – so it worked out really well.

To read more of the interview go here.


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