Joe Schreiber Takes On A Supernatural Cause

Author Joe Schreiber, who most would be familiar with through his Star Wars horror-themed book Death Troopers, has written a novel based on the Supernatural TV series. The book, which is entitled “The Unholy Cause”, takes place during this past season and takes the Winchester boys down to Georgia for a little work. The story is also “based in the world of Civil War re-enactors and history buffs.” Dread Central had a chance to interview the author about the book and after the jump, you can check out a bit of the interview and hit a link to see the rest of the article. He also talks a bit about some of his other projects, which includes a new Star Wars horror book.

Mr. Dark: How familiar were you with the “Supernatural” world before you decided to write The Unholy Cause?

Joe Schreiber: Not very. I think I watched part of the pilot episode online a few years ago, “The Woman in White”. That was it. So when the opportunity to write this novel came along, I put myself through a crash course of scripts, season boxed sets, and episode guides until I had the tone and characters of the series down to my own satisfaction.

MD: This novel clearly takes place during the current season of the show. How much detail about this season’s arc did they have to give you in order to ensure its proper place in the canon? How difficult was it to work within that tight framework (what had happened, what had yet to happen) before the season was finished and still tell your story?

JS: It wasn’t always easy. At one point, at the beginning of the season, Sam and Dean weren’t even together. I was like, how am I supposed to approach this? You’re like the child of divorced parents hoping it all works out. They were sending me drafts of scripts that hadn’t even been filmed yet, and we were all holding our breath and basically hoping for the best.

Click here for the rest of the interview.


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