The Meteor Apocalypse Is At Hand! Brace Yourself!

One of my absolute favorite entertainment and film companies, The Asylum, also has a faith-based wing that they release movies under. I am on their press list to receive all the new releases they put out and I wait eagerly every time I hear they’ve released something new. One horror site calls what they do Mockbusters. They take the ideas of huge blockbuster films that have recently been released in the theaters and make their own budget version to capitalize on it at the right time. Here’s some examples: when Paranormal Activity came out, they did a film called Paranormal Entity; when Terminator Salvation hit theaters, they released a movie called The Terminators a few days afterwards; Sherlock Holmes came out in December and a couple of days later they put out their own movie with the SAME title. They even try to beat some films to the punch, as they did by trying to cash in on the buzz around Pixar’s upcoming project John Carter of Mars by releasing Princess of Mars while the bigger film is still in the pre-production stage.

Well, their latest Faith Films release is Meteor Apocalypse and it looks to be humoroussly entertaining in a “so bad it’s good” kind of fashion. I saw the trailer for it on the Sherlock Holmes DVD and the special effects actually looked pretty decent. It’s about a “gigantic meteor enter(ing) Earth’s orbit and begin(ing) to disintegrate, showering the entire planet with debris. One man must find his family as the world around him falls apart.” I haven’t had a chance to see the film yet, but I’m sure it will be a painfully fun watch. I’m not entirely sure how Christianity or God comes into play, but the tagline for the film is “A Great Star Fell From Heaven, Blazing Like A Torch – Revelations 8:10” and continues with “A Biblical Prophecy. A Global Catastrophe!” It stars Joe Lando (Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman, Higher Ground, Bloodsuckers) and Claudia Christian (Babylon 5, Maniac Cop 2, Highlander). You can check out the trailer and more info on the film right here.


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