Dead@17 – The Witch Queen Issue One Review

In introduction to this review, those unfamiliar with Dead@17 should get familiar with it as soon as possible. It is a very well-crafted comic book series that features a great take on the supernatural battle between good and evil. Creator / artist / writer Josh Howard does his best to push the envelope with some of his controversial artwork of the female characters and what he chooses for them to be dressed in while pushing a pretty overt Christian message.

Here’s a synopsis of the series:

Nara Kilday is killed, and finds herself mysteriously revived. She discovers she has to prevent the coming of Bolabogg, a demonic lord. This series also introduces Hazy Foss, her best friend, and Elijah, a friend of the two girls who Nara has a crush on. The mysterious Noel appears, who helps the three fight hordes of undead and other monstrosities. Nara banishes Bolabogg back to his realm.

Josh Howard continues his adventures of Nara Kilday in the Dead@17 universe in the first issue of The Witch Queen. This time around, Nara has ended up in Purgatory trying to live in isolation away from the battle between good and evil, but no one involved seems to want to let her.

It is pretty cool how Howard ties two of his different comic book worlds together. It’s almost like he had it planned out from the beginning, which very well could be. He’s got the main bad girl from The Lost Books of Eve, Lilith, trapped in Purgatory with Nara. Another fun return to the series is the reappearance of Joan D’Arc, who is the “resurrected” incarnation of the original female warrior leader.

Once again, there’s not much I can say bad about this chapter in the D@17 series. It constantly moves forward at a frenzied pace and has some great plot twists and turns on the journey.

The religious aspects of the stort are still intact. No matter how controversial his skimpy-dressed female character artwork may be, he sticks to his guns when it comes to the message and theme behind the stories.

You can buy Issue One here. You can check out Josh Howard’s official website right here.


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